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Biorb Service Kit Loose or Not Working Properly?

April 15th, 2009

Has anyone recently had problems with their new biorb or biube aquarium not working properly with their service kit filter?  We have been doing some research and just found out that many people who have bought a biorb or biube aquarium in the last year to six months are finding that their service kit isn’t locking into the bubble tube, which is causing the water in their biorb fish tank to get dirty and not circulate or filter properly.


Don’t worry, if you buy a biorb or biube service kit and put the service kit in the aquarium and it doesn’t seem to fit right, the service kit is not bad.  What you probably need to do is attache the service kit to the biorb bubble tube and then twist the tube the opposite direction to lock it to the bottom of the aquarium.

Reef-One changed the biorb and biube bubble tubes to make some improvements and one of these is that to lock the bubble tube to the bottom of the biorb or biube the filter needs to be turned the opposite direction of the old biorb aquariums.

We hope this helps, if anyone has this problem or another solution or question let us know

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