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The BiUBe Pure is Here!

May 11th, 2009

Big announcement for those who have been long awaiting the Biube Pure’s availability within the U.S.  We just found out that the BiUbe Pure is available again.  It first started selling in the U.S. about a year ago, but then it was only sold in limited quantities and was hard to find.  However, now the BiUbe Pure Aquarium is back and more readily available.

The BiUbe Pure is similar to the original BiUbe Aquarium, except it is clear throughout the whole tank so you can see everything.  It uses the same reef one service kit filter, same lighting and light bulbs, and also all of the other biorb accessories and parts that fit the other biube and biorb fish tanks.  The biube pure also comes with the biorb intelligent led light ( a $105) value by itself.  So if you figure you were going to buy the light anyways, the aquarium only costs a little over $100, which is a great deal.  Regular biube tanks go for about $130 in the U.S.

Right now the biube pure is being offered by for $195 – Buy the biube pure aquarium now

Dimensions: 33.5cm/13 ¼ in. wide x 45.5cm/18in tall

Clear Biube Pure Aquarium

Clear Biube Pure Aquarium

biorbreviews General Biorb – Biorb Resource & Store

May 9th, 2009
The best biorb resource on the internet

The best biorb resource on the internet

Hey everyone, I am writing to let you know about a great website dedicated to biube & biorb tanks, biorb accessories, and biorb information.  They have great prices, a HUGE SELECTION of biorb products, and great customer service.  Not only is everything Biorb a great online store, but they are dedicated to helping biorb & biube owners understand their aquariums better.  They have a biorb resource catalog that features videos, how to’s, and FAQ.  They come highly recommended from us, and right now they are offering free shipping on orders over $20.

They also have the NEW & POPULAR BiUbe Pure in limited stock

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