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Biorb Life Tutorial – How to Set up a Biorb Life

June 30th, 2009

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There is a new Biorb Tutorial Video showing how to set up a Biorb Life Aquarium.  It is about five minutes long and shows the basic steps of setting up a Biorb Life Aquarium.  For full instructions on how to set up a Biorb Life Aquarium view your instruction manual that came with the tank, or visit

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New Biorb Life Video

June 29th, 2009

Everything Biorb has published a new Biorb Life Video.  The video is of a Black Biorb Life 30 aquarium with fancy guppies, it shows the biorb life from different angles.  They are also publishing two other Biorb Life movies within the next two days, one will be the Biorb Life and its packaging and contents and the other will be a tutorial showing How To Set Up a Biorb Life Aquarium.  We highly recommend the Tutorial Video to anyone who has recently purchased a biorb life or is thinking about buying a Biorb Life.  You can see all of Everything Biorb’s videos on their Biorb Video Page

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How to set up a Biorb Aquarium

June 25th, 2009

Ever get sick of reading long product manuals?  We do too, that’s why today we are highlighting a video showing the basics of setting up a biorb aquarium.  The aquarium being set up is the baby biorb aquarium.  The whole setup process for the baby biorb only takes about 10-15 minutes although the video is only a few minutes long.  After setting up your biorb aquarium make sure you cycle the aquarium before adding fish and refer to the instruction manual for how many fish to add, and how quickly to add fish to your biorb or biube tank. Enjoy!

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Biorb Reviews wants to hear your biorb experience

June 23rd, 2009

Do you have a biorb or biube aquarium?  Are you thinking about buying a biorb or biube aquarium and you have questions that you can find answers to?  We want to hear from you!  If you have an experience, questions, or information you think other biorb owners might find helpful we want to share your experience with them.  Send us an email at with your questions or experience.

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Biorb Life Review – Is the Biorb Life Worth It?

June 22nd, 2009

This post addresses whether we think the biorb life aquariums are worth the price.  If you want more detailed information and specs about the biorb life aquariums visit our biorb life review pages under “biorb aquarium reviews.”

Biorb Life Broad Overview

Reef One introduced the Biorb Life Aquariums at tradeshows in early 2008, but they didn’t hit the market until late 2008.  There are three sizes, the biorb life 30,45,& 60.  There are three colors in each size, chilli red, piano black, and pearl white.  They are the newest tanks to their line of designer biorb aquariums & the first biorb aquariums to have flat sides.  Prices for the biorb life tanks in the U.S. range from $295 – $450 depending on the store & size of the tank.  

The big question is, what makes the biorb life tanks more expensive than other biorb aquariums, and are they worth the upgrade in price?

Biorb Life 30 – (8 gallons)

Biorb Life 45 (12 gallons)

Biorb Life 60 (16 gallons)

For our comparison we compare the Biorb Life 30 with the Classic Biorb 30

The Biorb Life 30 is 8 gallons and can be compared in volume to the classic biorb, which is also 8 gallons.  An average price for the classic biorb is around $130, about $160 less than the Biorb Life 30, so what’s the difference?  The Biorb Life tanks come with the Biorb Intelligent LED Light which alone costs $105, so if you tack that to the classic biorb that brings the classic biorb price to $245.  The guts of the biorb life tanks are the same as the classic biorb and biube tanks.  You can use the same biorb service kit filter, same airstones, and all the other accessories.  So the remaining $50 price difference between a classic biorb and the biorb life tanks is either in the construction of the tank itself, or the price tag for a newer, hip aquarium design.  

Construction Differences between the Biorb Life & Classic Biorb Tanks

The acrylic of the Biorb Life tank’s is thicker than the Classic Biorb’s

The shape of of the Biorb Life tanks is different than the Classic Biorbs (two curved sides and two flat sides)

The Biorb Life Tanks have colored acrylic wrap on the two curved sides of the aquarium

Construction Difference Summary

We aren’t experts in acrylic or fish tank manufacturing prices, but we think it is safe to assume that thicker acrylic & colored acrylic is going to cost more than thinner, non colored acrylic.  Exactly how much, we don’t know, but we think its safe to say that the majority of the price increase from the classic bio orb tanks to the biorb life tanks can be attributed to the biorb intelligent led light, and the new design and construction of the biorb life aquariums.  Compared to the regular biorb aquariums we think that the biorb life aquariums are very comparable in price based on the additional features they come with.  

Review Summary

If the Biorb Life is in your price range, we highly recommend it.  When compared to a regular square fish tank it is A LOT more expensive, so you have some of your own decisions to make.  But, compared to the other biorb tanks, the biorb life tanks are comparable in price when you strip down the upgrades and construction differences.  The big question is does the biorb life fit into your budget, if it does, we say go for it.  If it doesn’t you can always save, or go for a classic biorb, or biube pure.   These tanks still look great, are easy to maintain, and you will definitely enjoy them.  

If you want an elaborate fish tank with live plants & lots of fish, you are probably better off buying a regular fish tank.  However, if you are looking for a tank that is easy to maintain, and will be displayed in your home, office, or showroom where you frequently have guests or entertain, the Biorb Life is an excellent display tank.  Since they max out at 16 gallons, you can’t put a ton of fish in the aquarium, which means easier maintenance for you.  Reef One’s unique filter design also helps to keep maintenance easy and less time consuming.

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Top 3 Biorb Cleaning Accessories

June 19th, 2009

Are you sifting through the dozens of biorb accessories trying to find out which ones work the best to clean your biorb or biube aquarium?  Search no longer, a new article written by the staff at Everything Biorb has written an article on just that, and from our experience we heartily agree with their advice.  A portion of the article and the summary is below.

To see the original article follow this link – Best Biorb Cleaning Accessories

The Biorb comes with everything you need to set up your aquarium, but what will you need after it is set up? The list isn’t very long, but searching for the different Reef One products you need to keep your biorb healthy can take a little while, especially if you don’t know where to look. You won’t need a lot of extra supplies to take care of your Biorb, but there are a couple products that we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that will save you a lot of time and headache when cleaning your biorb. They are listed below

  1. Biorb Siphon Hose
  2. Biorb Magnetic Algae Cleaner
  3. Jungle Quick Dip Water Quality Test Strips
  4. Biorb Complete Cleaning Kit (Contains siphon hose, airstones, 3 service kits, magnetic algae cleaner, & scratch remover & polish

Those are the best tools to help maintain your biorb aquarium & keep it healthy. You can buy almost all of them together in the Biorb Complete Cleaning Kit.

The article then describes each of the above products in detail.  If you have any questions about this article or the products feel free to contact us.

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Biorb Life 30 Review

June 18th, 2009

Just a short post today to let you know on Monday we will have a review of the biorb life 30 aquarium for you.  The Biorb Life tanks have become quite popular despite their fairly high price tag, and come Monday we will give you our two cents about if the biorb life fish tanks are worth the cash, so check back to read our new review on Monday!

Biorb Life Information


Biorb Life 60 Fish Tank - Pearl White - 16 Gallon

Biorb Life 60 Fish Tank - Pearl White - 16 Gallon

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Biorb Service Kit – What Does It Really Do?

June 17th, 2009

If you have a Baby Biorb, Biorb Life, or any of the Bio Orb Aquariums you should be familiar with the biorb service kit.  The Service Kit is the basic filter that is used in all the Biorb Aquariums.  So you’ve used, cleaned, and replaced a biorb service kit, but do you know what the service kit does, or what makes it different from other aquarium filters?  This post highlights the Biorb Service Kit, both its design & functionality, in order to help show why the biorb service kit is special.

Biorb Service Kit Filter Cartridge

Biorb Service Kit Filter Cartridge

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In all the biorb aquariums the mechanical and chemical filtration is housed in the easy-to-change filter cartridge (service kit). This cartridge is replaced when the chemicals are depleted and before the mechanical filter becomes blocked ensuring that the water conditions remain optimal for your fish.

The unique cartridge based filtration system inside all biOrbs and biUbes has been specifically designed to effectively and safely eliminate the organic waste produced by fish and uneaten food, keeping the water clear and the fish healthy. In order to keep water quality high all Biorb/Biube aquariums use five separate stages to optimize the water, meaning less maintenance for you and a healthier environment for your fish. The 5 stages of water optimization consist of biological, mechanical, chemical, water stabilization, and oxygenation.

Mechanical Filtration

The Standard Biorb Service Kit filter cartridge includes a chemically nonreactive mechanical filter that traps particulates, like fish waste and uneaten food, as they pass through. Unlike many aquariums, Reef One’s mechanical filter is separate from the biological filtration allowing the removal and disposal of the filter cartridge, containing the mechanical filter, without affecting the biological filtration. Replacing the mechanical filter housed in the easy to change filter cartridge ensures that the trapped particulates don’t have time to break down and adversely affect the water quality.

Chemical Filtration

The chemical filtration in the filter cartridge is a blend of different resin particles selected to remove toxic substances, other than ammonia and nitrite which is broken down by the biological filtration. Certain organics can discolor aquarium water making it yellow, while also reducing light penetration. The highly effective resins bond with these substances at a molecular level to ensure the aquarium water quality remains high. The chemical filtration is located in the easy to change filter cartridge ensuring that chemical filtration can be removed when depleted (typically every 6-8 weeks).

Biological Filtration

As many of you know one of the most important aspects of a healthy aquarium is biological filtration.  Biological filtration occurs when beneficial bacteria within your aquarium break down harmful fish waste and chemicals, this process takes place after your aquarium has cycled.  In the Biorb Aquariums the biological filtration takes place in the Biorb Ceramic Media.  This means that you can replace the filter, without removing the beneficial bacteria that help to break down fish waste in your aquarium.


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Biorb Volcano Decoration Video

June 16th, 2009

This video shows the biorb volcano decoration in the biube pure aquarium.  The volcano slides over the bubble tube in your biorb fish tank and the bubbles coming out the top of the bubble tube make the volcano look like it is erupting.

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Biorb Sculptures – Spanish Dancer Sculpture

June 15th, 2009

Today I wanted to highlight one of the newest accessories to the biorb product line, the biorb Spanish Dancer Sculpture.  The Spanish Dancer Sculpture was created by award winning British artist Samuel Baker.  The beautiful flowing shape of the sculpture gives the impression of a crashing wave. The Spanish Dancer aquarium sculpture looks great inside a Biorb, Biube, or any freshwater or marine aquarium.  It is designed to fit directly over the bubble tube adding a designer style to your tank in seconds.

The sculpture can easily be removed for cleaning and care of your Biorb Aquarium, and can be found at online biorb dealers.  If you have any questions or an idea for a post, feel free to send us an email at

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