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My Biorb Life Aquarium Setup – Barrett’s Experience

July 28th, 2009

What Tank I Bought

I have wanted a Biorb Life Aquarium for a long time, so I finally splurged and bought the Biorb Life 30, in piano Black.  I was torn between the biube pure and a biorb life, and I finally chose the biorb life because of the flat front and back that it has.  I decided I like the flat sides better than the curved sides of the biube aquariums. At the same time I also bought white feng shui pebbles, a biorb black pebble sculpture, and a few green biorb plant packs.  I have had it for over a month now and I love it!  I am glad I bought it, everyone that sees it loves it and asks where I found it.

Where I Bought My Biorb Life

After shopping around the different biorb stores on the internet I ended up buying from  Their prices were actually pretty close to another store, but the main reason I bought from them is the biorb videos and resources on their website.  They have detailed videos showing how to set up biorb life, or regular biorb aquariums, and videos of most biorb accessories and products.  Their information about the products (biorb) they sell is far more detailed than any other biorb store or website on the internet, which is important to me.  That shows me that if I have a problem, or questions about my tank in the future, I will be able to talk to Everything Biorb and have confidence they know what they are talking about and will be able to help me.

How I Set Up My Biorb Life

Before setting up my tank I watched the biorb life video on Everything Biorb’s website and then read the instructions.   I waited a few days after setting it up, then added a fancy guppy.  Then I waited about a month and gradually added neon tetras, so now I have 8 neon tetras in the tank and I put the fancy guppy back in my regular aquarium.  I love the tank, and my fish seem pretty happy, I’ll try and post some pictures of the setup soon.

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Biube Pure Swap Top – Not Yet

July 27th, 2009

We did some research over the weekend and found that the Biube Pure Swap Top currently is available in the U.K., but isn’t readily available in the U.S.  Of the several websites we looked at we weren’t able to find one of them that carried the biube pure lid.  Hopefully in the future the Biube Pure lid will be distributed better throughout the U.S.  Until then we will have to be patient.

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Biorb Timer – Should You Buy One? Probably Not

July 25th, 2009

You have or are thinking of getting a Biorb Fish Tank right?  Well, Reef One has a product called the “Biorb Maintenance Timer.” It is made to remind you when to feed your fish, clean the tank, and change your filter. In theory, its a great idea, but… in reality, its not so great (we think).

The Biorb Timer costs about $35-40, depending on where you find it, and in our opinion, its at least $20 too much. It has a red light that illuminates when its time to feed your fish, change your filter, and clean your tank, and that’s it. There’s no sound or alarm, there’s no way to program it or change the time settings.

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If you have trouble remembering how long ago you put your biorb service kit filter in your tank, why not put a reminder in your cell phone, or on your calendar, or a sticky note next to your stock of biorb accessories. Just think of it, you could be using a $40 sticky note, or you could spend the money on some more service kits, or other biorb decorations. Either way, unless you really really want it, your money is better spent elsewhere.

We don’t recommend the Biorb Timer, it is a basic biorb accessory that lights up after certain time periods, but doesn’t make any noise, and is pretty expensive. You would be better off to spend the money on some service kits, or on a cool biorb sculpture decoration.

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Air Bubbles Coming Out of Biorb Service Kit?

July 23rd, 2009

We recently became aware of some biorb owners that are having air bubbles come out of their biorb service kit.  Air is still flowing through the airstone, but it is also coming out of the sides of the service kit where the service kit attaches to the base of the aquarium.  If anyone has experienced this, or has a solution to it please let us know so that we can share it with other biorb owners that might be having the same problem.  Thanks a lot!

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Biube Pure Swap Top – Coming Soon to the U.S.?

July 20th, 2009

We have some breaking news about a possible new product to the U.S. by Reef-One. The biube pure has become one of the most popular biorb aquariums and there are a lot of people with regular biube tanks wishing they had a biube pure, well good news might be coming.

We have heard a rumor that the Biube Pure Swap Top Lid might be available soon in the U.S. The biube pure lid will allow you to convert your regular biube aquarium to a biube pure so that it is completely clear. They are currently for sale in the U.K., but we don’t have an arrival date for when they might be in the U.S. But we will let you know as soon as we find out more, so check back!

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What are your Favorite Bio orb Accessories?

July 15th, 2009

Do you have a favorite Biorb Accessory?  One that puts a smile on your face everytime you use it, or that makes your aquarium maintenance easier?  Share it with us!  We want to know what biorb and biube accessories or supplies you like the best.  Send us an email (, or just post a comment and let us know your experience.

From our readers feedback so far the top rated biorb accessory is the biorb siphon hose, let us know if you agree, disagree, or have other recommendations!

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Biube Pure Review Updated

July 7th, 2009

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We’ve got new feedback from owners of Biube Pure Aquariums and have updated our Biube Pure Review.  Below is some of the information from our Biube Pure Review Page.  If you have a Biube Pure or other Biorb Aquarium we want to hear your experience.  Send us an email at

Biube Pure Review – Summary

In our opinion the Biube Pure is the best Biorb Tank for the price.  It retails around $195, and comes with the Biorb Intelligent LED Light, which means you get the tank for about $90 (if you were already going to buy the Intelligent Light for $105).  $90 bucks for a Biube Pure that looks great as a display tank in any home or office.  Since the Biube is less curved than the Classic Biorb there is less distortion of the fish (which is a good thing) and it holds 9 gallons instead of 8.  You are still limited to the number and types of fish you can put in the aquarium since it is only 9 gallons, but it has more water surface area than classic Bio orb tanks, which is also better for goldfish and betta fish.



  1. The Biube Pure looks great, and has less distortion of the fish than a regular biorb (because of less spherical shape)
  2. It comes with everything you need to start your aquarium except for decorations and fish
  3. The Biube Pure allows for a wider range of fish than the baby biorb
  4. The Biube Pure comes with the intelligent LED light
  5. The Biorb Acrylic is 10x stronger than glass
  6. The service kit filter system is easy to change and clean
  7. The Biube Pure can be used as a saltwater, tropical, or coldwater fish tank
  8. The Biube Pure aquarium doesn’t take long to clean or maintain
  9. The biorb instruction manual includes a detailed how to and FAQ, as well as recommended fish for the fish tank


  1. Since the Biube Pure is only 9 gallons you can’t put as many fish in it as a larger fish tank.
  2. Choice of compatible fish with the Biube Pure is limited due to its size and structure


  1. “I love my Biube Pure!  I spend less than 20 minutes a month cleaning it, and the Intelligent Light makes the tank look amazing!”
  2. At first I wasn’t sure if spending $200 on an aquarium was worth it, but after having it set up for 3 months, my wife and I are both glad we got it.”

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Biorb Canada – Where to buy Biorb Supplies in Canada

July 3rd, 2009

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A lot of our readers live outside of the U.S., and are constantly looking for the best place to buy biorb supplies in Canada.  Until recently Petsmart has been the most reliable source for biorb & biube supplies in Canada.  However, recently we have had several people tell us they went to their local Petsmart to buy Biorb Supplies only to find out that their local Petsmart has stopped carrying them.  (We don’t know how many Petsmarts are discontinuing biorb products in Canada, or if they are only discontinuing certain products, so you can check your local store to be sure).  Some supplies they aren’t carrying or Biorb Marine Kits.

If Local Stores Aren’t Carrying Biorb Supplies, What Biorb Stores Ship to Canada?

If you live in Canada & your local Biorb Store has stopped carrying the Biorb Tanks & supplies that you need, we recommend you shop at Everything Biorb
.  From our experience over the last two years, they are one of the only Biorb Stores that ship to Canada regularly and reliably.

Best Canada Shipping Rates

Everything Biorb has the best shipping rates to Canada from our research and experience.  For best value, try to buy six months or more of supplies at one time.  That way you can bundle shipping into one box and save on shipping prices, especially since most biorb accessories aren’t very heavy, so the shipping weight shouldn’t increase much with one or two more filters.

If you live in Canada and own a Biorb we want to hear from you!

Do you have a biorb or biube and live outside the U.S.?  We’d love to hear from you about your experiences and recommendations, send us an email at

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New Biorb Intelligent LED Light Video

July 1st, 2009

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Everything Biorb has again published a new video, this video shows the Biorb LED Light cycle from start to finish.  The video is a Biube Pure Aquarium with the Intelligent Led Light. (The Biorb LED Light comes with the biube pure).  A lot of our readers have asked us what is the difference between the regular biorb light and the Biorb Intelligent LED Light, well, this video shows what the Intelligent LED Light really does.  So for those sitting on the fence about buying an Intelligent Light, this video should help, enjoy.

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