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List of Accessories for Review

August 26th, 2009

We want to know which biorb products you want us to review the most, here is a list of our reviews in progress.  Let us know which ones we should finish first, and what kind of information you want to see, post a comment, or send us an email at

  1. biorb sculptures (clamshell, pebble, coral, spanish dancer)
  2. biorb siphon hose
  3. biorb plants
  4. biorb intelligent light
  5. biorb acrylic stand
  6. biorb filters ( service kit, no algae kit, first aid kit)
  7. biorb digital thermometer

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What Biorb Products Do You Want More Detailed Reviews On?

August 26th, 2009

We’ve recently gotten some feedback that some people would like to see more detailed reviews of the biorb sculptures and their different sizes, to help people decide which to buy.  We are working on that and a few other biorb product reviews, but we want to know what else you want to see.

What biorb fish tank products do you want more information about, better pictures, or reviews on?  Just send us an email or comment on this post and let us know what you think, and here is the review of the day.


Biorb Life 30 Review – Summary

In our opinion the Biorb Life 30 is an excellent aquarium.  It has all of the features and benefits of the classic biorb aquariums, but with its new design it eliminates some of the biggest problems classic biorb aquariums created.  The Biorb Life 30 is definitely pricier than classic biorb fish tanks, but it also includes the Biorb intelligent LED light ($105 on its own).  If you have some money to spend and are looking for an easy to maintain, stylish fish tank, the biorb life should be top on your list.  Since the Biorb Life 30 is square, not a sphere, you no longer face the problem of your fish being distorted through the curved acrylic when you look at them, which happens with classic biorb fish tanks.  Also, since it is a square fish tank it allows for more surface area, which means more oxygen for your fish, which is always good.  Out of the aquarium kits we have seen, this one rates at the top


The biOrb life 30 aquarium holds 30L (8 Gallons) of water. The biorb life offers a good environment for the fish with the multi-stage filtration that keeps the water clean and clear and the easy to change filter cartridges which makes maintenance a breeze. Set apart from anything else on the market, the biorb life designer aquariums feature a crystal clear acrylic front and back and are finished with seamless gloss colored acrylic wrap. Available in three striking colors; chilli red, ice white or piano black, the handmade range are a unique must have item for 2009


What Comes In the box

  • biOrb life 30 aquarium (8 gallon biorb life)
  • Biorb Intelligent LED light
  • Ceramic media
  • 1 Standard freshwater filter cartridge – (biorb service kit)
  • Low-voltage Air Pump
  • 12v Transformer
  • Tap water conditioner and Beneficial Bacteria liqui
  • Printed documentation

Size and weight – Biorb Life 30 (8 gallon biorb life)

  • Height: 16 inches (42 cm)
  • Width: 16 inches (40 cm)
  • Depth: 9.5 inches (23 cm)
  • Weight (empty): 12 pounds (1 kg)
  • Weight (full): 74 pounds (31Kg)
  • Volume: 8 Gallons (30L)



  1. The biorb life 30 looks great, and since it is square instead of round there is no distortion of the fish when viewing.
  2. It comes with everything you need to start your aquarium except for decorations and fish
  3. The 8 Gallon Biorb Life 30 allows for a wider range of fish than the baby biorb
  4. The biorb life 30 comes with the intelligent LED light
  5. The Biorb Acrylic is 10x stronger than glass
  6. The service kit filter system is easy to change and clean
  7. The 8 Gallon Biorb Life can be used as a saltwater, tropical, or coldwater fish tank
  8. The biorb life 30 aquarium doesn’t take long to clean or maintain
  9. The biorb instruction manual includes a detailed how to and FAQ, as well as recommended fish for the fish tank


  1. Since the Biorb Life 30 is only 8 gallons you can’t put as many fish in it as a larger fish tank.
  2. Choice of compatible fish with the biorb is limited due to its size and structure
  3. More expensive than regular biorb fish tanks
  4. The air pump is guaranteed for 6 months, but sometimes don’t last a lot longer than that

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And back on topic,  let us know what biorb products you want us to review, and how you want us to review them.  And if you have a biorb aquarium, send us your review of your specific aquarium and we will add it to our collection of reviews.

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New Biorb Coupon Book – Over $150 in Biorb Coupons

August 10th, 2009

I have been checking the Everything Biorb Blog all morning waiting to see when they would publish what the “big savings” were, and it is finally up.  The big announcement was that they are selling a coupon book with over $150 in coupon codes and discounts for biorb aquariums & supplies.  I went ahead and checked it out, and it seems like a pretty good deal.  Since I have a couple biorb tanks I figure I will use the codes over the next year or two (they never expire) and I will definitely get my money out of it, its only $12.95.  I figure if I use one of the $10 coupon codes I’ve already made my money back.

I went ahead and bought mine & didn’t have any problems, here is a list of all the coupons that come with the Everything Biorb Coupon Book.  So if you think you will use them and its worth $13, what do you have to lose?

  1. 10 off any order
  2. $5 off any order of $25 or more
  3. $10 off any order of $45 or more
  4. $15 off any order of $65 or more
  5. $20 off any acrylic biorb stand
  6. $20 off any order of $105 or more
  7. $10 off any order of $90 or more
  8. $22 off any order of $122 or more
  9. 10% off any biorb life aquarium
  10. $15 off any biorb or biube aquarium purchase over $80

Here is an excerpt from Everything Biorb’s blog -
“It is time for our announcement, we have created a way to save you a ton of money on your biorb supplies and accessories, our Biorb Coupon Book. With over $150 in savings, discounts, & coupons, this book won’t hurt your pocketbook. The Biorb Coupon Book is over a $50 value but for our loyal customers it is temporarily only $12.95, but hurry, because there are only 500 available, and with over 1 million biorb owners in the U.S., those 500 won’t last long!!”

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Save over $150 on Biorb Aquariums & Supplies!

August 7th, 2009

This just in, I just visited Everything Biorb’s Blog and apparently they are making an announcement on Monday about a promotion they are doing to save over $150 on biorb products.  What this “special promotion” is I have no idea, hopefully its good though.  I’ll find out on Monday and post about it.

A quote from their blog is below -

“The official, detailed announcement will be made on Monday, so check back Monday morning to find out how you can save over $150 on biorb fish tanks & supplies!” – Biorb Sale

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Everything Biorb – New Biorb Discounts Available

August 3rd, 2009

New Biorb News

I was just looking at the Everything Biorb website and reading their Biorb Blog and noticed that they have a “blog reader’s discount.” Apparently this is the first time they have done it, but it is an exclusive coupon to their blog, and gives customers 10% off their entire order.  It also says the codes are usually only good for a few days but they will keep posting them in their blog.  So, if you need Biorb Supplies, check out Everything Biorb’s Blog, search for the “blog reader discount” and hopefully you can save a few bucks on your order.

Barrett’s Tank Update

So the first fish I put in my biorb life aquarium was a female fancy guppy.  And I hadn’t taken her out yet and just noticed a bunch of baby guppies swimming around in the tank.  I took them out and their were 15 baby guppies.  I have them transferred to a different tank so they don’t get eaten.  That’s exciting, other than that my Neon Tetra’s are still doing great.  I also added a biorb digital thermometer to the aquarium.  My water temperature in my biorb life aquarium is about 76 degrees, luckily I haven’t had to buy a heater to put in it yet since it has been so hot in my house.

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