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Is a Biorb Aquarium Right For You?

October 14th, 2009

Reef-One has sold close to a million biorb aquariums since the Biorb first launched, many of which are owned by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow & Ryan Seacrest.There are a ton of tanks, but is the biorb the right aquarium for you?This article discusses the top reasons that thousands have purchased a bi orb aquarium and will help you determine if a bi orb fish tank is right for you.

There are hundreds of aquariums to choose from when you are shopping for an aquarium.  There are dozens of aquarium kits, so out of all of them, why should you choose a bio orb?

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Biorb Strengths – Here’s a few things that make the Biorb different.

•    The Biorb’s stylish design has enamored thousands, including dozens of celebrities who own one. (Just a few are Gwyneth Paltrow, Ryan Seacrest, Mariah Carey, & Jessica Alba)
•    Everything you need to start the aquarium is included, even fish food
•    There are over nine different biorb tanks & sizes to choose from, and several colors
•    Biorb care is easy with the snap & twist biorb service kit
•    Biorb Aquariums have five stages of filtration for healthy fish

Everything You Need to Start the Aquarium is Included

The Biorb comes with everything you need to get your aquarium started, besides the fish.  It comes with a biorb service kit, water dechlorinator, light, air pump, filter, airstone, fish food sample, and ceramic media.

The bi orb doesn’t come with a siphon hose, and we recommend the biorb siphon hose to help clean your tank.

The Biorb Line has 9 different tanks

The biorb aquarium line ranges in size from four to sixteen gallons it means you can find an aquarium that is the right size for you.  If you want to keep things simple and put a betta on your office desk, the baby biorb aquarium (4 gallons) will work great for you.If you want to have a larger tank set up with multiple tropical fish, or you want to have a marine aquarium, the 16 gallon bi orb or biorb life are the best tanks to choose.

The regular biorb comes in a four, eight, or 16 gallon size, the biube comes in two, 9 gallon models, and the biorb life aquariums come in 8, 12, or 16 gallon sizes.

The Biorb Lines are the Classic Biorb, Biorb Life, & Biube Aquariums

Low Maintenance

Chances are you are busy, and don’t want to use hours every week cleaning your tank.Bio orb Aquariums are easy to clean.The Biorb Service Kit has five levels of filtration and is easily replaced in a few seconds with a snap and twist. You can easily maintain a healthy biorb aquarium by spending less than an hour a month.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Biorb

Bi orb aquariums, like any aquarium, have limitations.

Research the fish you are planning on getting, before you buy them.Make sure you know how large your fish grow to be, and if they are going to outgrow your tank you should choose different fish.  Some fish aren’t suitable for the biorb aquarium, for example, some fish require more than 16 gallons of water, or require running water and lots of plants to stay healthy.The biorb isn’t a great fish tank if you want dozens of tropical or saltwater fish.

Don’t try to put too many fish in your biorb, fish need space, a rough rule of fish keeping is one inch of fish per gallon of water.

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$5 Off Biorb Magnetic Algae Cleaner

October 12th, 2009

EverythingBiorb just published a new discount for $5 off the biorb magnetic algae cleaner, it is usually $17.99, so $5 off makes it $12.99, around a 30% discount, not too shabby.  I have a biorb magnetic algae cleaner and I love mine.

The coupon code is: ” blogmagnet ” and is supposedly only good until October 15, 2009

Barrett General Biorb