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Sale on Biorb Feng Shui Pebbles

January 20th, 2010

I just found out there is a sale on the Biorb Feng Shui Pebbles right now.  When I bought mine they were $14.99, now they are only $9.99, so now is a good time to decorate your aquarium if you were thinking about it.  You can find all the information about the

Biorb Feng Shui Pebble Sale – Here.

Barrett General Biorb

New Year New Biorb Stuff

January 7th, 2010

Its a new year and I am getting my plans ready for a big year of new information and updates to Biorb Reviews.  If you have any feedback for our website, ideas, suggestions, things you’d like to see, different formatting or information, NOW IS THE TIME TO LET US KNOW, because we will be changing a lot.


email us at

Barrett General Biorb