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How To Keep a Betta in a Baby Biorb

October 23rd, 2010

We have been getting some feedback and questions lately about how to properly care for a betta in a baby biorb aquarium.  This post will address some of the major concerns with keeping a betta fish in a baby biorb aquarium.

The baby biorb fish tank will work great with betta fish.  It holds four gallons of water, which compared to most betta bowls and tanks is A TON better as far as space for your betta.  Most betta bowls and tanks that pet stores sell hold less than one gallon of water, and the little cups you buy betta fish in only hold a couple cups of water.  So the baby biorb definitely gives your betta fish enough room.

Betta Fish & Water Temperature:

Contrary to what many people are told and believe, betta fish are tropical fish and they need their water temperature to stay warm, definitely 72 degrees or higher, so if your tank water is at room temperature and you are keeping a betta fish in it, your betta fish might become sick more easily or even die because the water is too cold.  We recommend getting a biorb heater for the baby biorb.

Betta Fish & Food

Overfeeding fish is the biggest cause of fish death.  Overfeeding causes extra waste in the aquarium which increases toxic levels of Ammonia and other chemicals that kill fish.  Fish only need a couple of flakes or pellets each day.  Your fish will always look hungry, but they really don’t need as much food as they will eat.

Betta Fish & Decorations

Betta Fish like to have something to hide behind when they get scared, hiding allows fish to feel secure and will help keep them healthy.  We recommend putting a decoration or two inside your baby biorb so that your betta fish has something to hide behind.  You might see them less often, but it will keep their stress lower and help them to live longer.  Something like the biorb grass ring will work great.

Betta Fish & Biorb Air Flow & Bubbles

One of the biggest complaints about the baby biorb and betta fish is that betta fish breathe and eat on the top of the water, and with the biorb air pump on the water flow in the biorb is too strong for the betta to be able to properly stay at the top of the aquarium.  The best thing to do about this is to find something to pinch the waterline/air tube of the biorb to slow down the flow.  You could try a clamp, paper clips, or really anything that you have that will work.  You don’t want to clamp the tube completely, just enough to slow the air down a little bit but keep it circulating.  If you turn off the pump completely the filter in your biorb is useless because the water won’t cycle through the aquarium, it will sit their like a regular fish bowl and the water will get dirtier much faster.

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Biorb Reviews is Back

October 18th, 2010

It feels good to be back at it with Biorb Reviews, it has been a while since we have put any new posts, and we apologize to anyone who had questions that didn’t get answered.  Things in our lives have been a little crazy as I’m sure everyone can relate to.  Things are starting to get back to normal and we should again be contributing regularly to Biorb Reviews the latest and greatest information about biorb and biube aquariums.

If anyone has any questions about biorb tanks or biorb rumors let us know and we’ll find out for you.

Here is a new product that we have used lately that has been great for our fish – They are fish antibiotics & medicines that help to cure bacterial infections in your fish.

Fish Mox

Fish Flex

Fish Mox Forte

Fish Flex Forte

If you are new to biorb tanks one of our favorite tanks is the biube pure aquarium.  We like it because it has a great look and design, you can see from all sides of it, including the top and bottom view, (not from underneath because of substrate) and for the price you get a lot with it.  The light alone costs over $115 if you buy it separate, and it comes with a filter, air pump, airstone, instructions, water chemicals.  You can see a picture of the biube pure below.

biube pure fish tank

biube pure fish tank

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