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10% off Any order at Everything Biorb

January 17th, 2012

Just a quick post, we just found out about a new 10% off coupon with Everything Biorb and though we would share it.

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Barrett General Biorb

Biorb Bubble Tube Cleaner

January 3rd, 2012

Recently Reef One has come out with the Biorb Bubble Tube Cleaner new product that helps to keep the biorb aquarium cleaner, it is the biorb bubble tube cleaner.  It is a tool that helps to quickly and easily clean and scrub the outside and inside of the bubble tube.  In the past I have bought a bristle pipe cleaner to clean the bubble tube which has worked pretty well.  However if the bristles are really stiff it can scratch the tube.  The new bubble tube cleaner has two different pieces.  One is for specifically cleaning the outside of the bubble tube and the other is for cleaning the inside of the bubble tube.  We haven’t used the bubble tube cleaner yet, so if you have experience with it let us know.

You can buy the bubble tube cleaner here – Biorb Bubble Tube Cleaner

Barrett General Biorb