History of Biorb Aquariums

January 19th, 2009


Manufacturer: The manufacturer of the BiOrb aquarium is Reef-One, located in Norwich, United Kingdom.

Biorb History


  • Founded in 1998 by father and son team Paul and Matthew Stevenson, Reef One Ltd. designs and manufactures innovative products for the worldwide aquatics market.
  • After the construction of the first prototype aquarium in 1999, Reef One received its first order from a single wholesaler. The result was the biOrb, a spherical tank which holds 30 litres of water.


  • The biOrb inventor, Matthew Stevenson said the original biOrb was designed to fill a gap in the market. In 1999 aquarium systems were either “very small and cruel” such as the standard goldfish bowl or “very large and expensive.” The biOrb was positioned between these two types of products, keeping the convenient size but with the integral five-stage filtration system and an integrated light, ensuring the welfare of the fish.


  • Since the launch of the biOrb 30 aquarium in 1999, three additional aquariums have been brought to the marketplace; the biOrb 60, Baby biOrb and a cylindrical biUbe. More recently the biUbe Pure and the biOrb: SpyOrb Edition, as well as the Biorb Life aquariums have been launched to significant customer acclaim. 


  • Reef-One’s vision builds on our ethos that fishkeeping should be made easy, allowing anyone to keep fish successfully, while increasing the well being of the fish. This focus has seen Reef One develop many new and innovative products such as the Intelligent LED light, which mirrors a natural day cycle including a sunrise and sunset. Freeing the customer from having to manually switch on and off the light, while improving the welfare of the fish.
  • After the launch of the biOrb in 1999, Reef One continued to develop innovative products for the aquatics industry and plan to bring out more exciting new products in the future. Reef One plan to continue building a strong enterprise with a focus on customer support and research and development. This will be the foundation for growth in forthcoming years.
  • Reef One’s vision builds on a continuation of the biOrb brand while developing innovative new aquariums and technology never seen before in the aquatics industry. The very essence of keeping fish is about enjoyment and relaxation and the biOrb brand stands for these values.


(sources - http://www.reef-one.com/about-reef-one/company-profile.html)

  1. jim beedall
    February 9th, 2010 at 16:17 | #1

    brilliant product, i have the Biorb 60 rectangular aquarium with the marine conversion kit, Its great, I never thought keeping marine fish would be so simple. All my friends love it and think I must be an expert. the LED light is also great. thanks for a fantastic product.

  2. kathy
    July 18th, 2010 at 17:28 | #2

    I am thinking of getting the 16 gallon mega tank.Does the aquarium kit come with a heater?Is this an extra product to purchase?Thank you.

  3. October 18th, 2010 at 16:16 | #3

    The tank doesn’t come with a heater and you will have to purchase one separately, we recommend the biorb heater kit from Everything Biorb

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