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Biorb Coupon Book Discounted To $9.95 – Over $150 in Biorb Discounts

April 12th, 2010

We have mentioned Everything Biorb‘s Coupon Book in the past, but its been a few months and I just found out that the price has dropped to $9.95 for the coupon book, and that is worth mentioning.

That means you get over $150 in coupons for biorb stuff for only $10, honestly it seems like they would lose money if people use the coupon books, and only buy them for $10, but I’m not going to complain about a good sale.

Anyways, you can see all the coupons that are included in the biorb coupon book HERE.

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Biorb Black Friday Sales – Where to Get The Best Deals

November 27th, 2009

Looking for the best place to buy your biorb and biube supplies this holiday season?

It’s Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year.  If you are like me you don’t want anything to do with the long lines and early morning shoppers, so you are probably looking online for your deals.  Well, at Biorb Reviews we have been shopping for biorb tanks and parts for years and we know all the best places to go and where the best sales are.  Here’s the latest scoop.

The Best Biorb holiday sales we have seen are at, below is a list of their current holiday sales and deals, if you find any others let us know so we can share them.

Like we said, these are the best deals we have found so far, if you see better let us know and we’d love to share them

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Great Holiday Deals on Biorb

November 18th, 2009

This just in – we have some GREAT deals we just found out about if you are going to spend any money on biorb or biube stuff from now until the end of the year.

The links below will give you full details on the offers provided by is our preferred biorb store

Promotion 1 – Get $5 back for every $40 you spend at Everything Biorb

Promotion 2 – Everything Biorb has a best price gaurantee on all items they carry

Everything Biorb will match any lower advertised price on biorb tanks and supplies

Everything Biorb will match any lower advertised price on biorb tanks and supplies

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New Biorb Coupon Book – Over $150 in Biorb Coupons

August 10th, 2009

I have been checking the Everything Biorb Blog all morning waiting to see when they would publish what the “big savings” were, and it is finally up.  The big announcement was that they are selling a coupon book with over $150 in coupon codes and discounts for biorb aquariums & supplies.  I went ahead and checked it out, and it seems like a pretty good deal.  Since I have a couple biorb tanks I figure I will use the codes over the next year or two (they never expire) and I will definitely get my money out of it, its only $12.95.  I figure if I use one of the $10 coupon codes I’ve already made my money back.

I went ahead and bought mine & didn’t have any problems, here is a list of all the coupons that come with the Everything Biorb Coupon Book.  So if you think you will use them and its worth $13, what do you have to lose?

  1. 10 off any order
  2. $5 off any order of $25 or more
  3. $10 off any order of $45 or more
  4. $15 off any order of $65 or more
  5. $20 off any acrylic biorb stand
  6. $20 off any order of $105 or more
  7. $10 off any order of $90 or more
  8. $22 off any order of $122 or more
  9. 10% off any biorb life aquarium
  10. $15 off any biorb or biube aquarium purchase over $80

Here is an excerpt from Everything Biorb’s blog -
“It is time for our announcement, we have created a way to save you a ton of money on your biorb supplies and accessories, our Biorb Coupon Book. With over $150 in savings, discounts, & coupons, this book won’t hurt your pocketbook. The Biorb Coupon Book is over a $50 value but for our loyal customers it is temporarily only $12.95, but hurry, because there are only 500 available, and with over 1 million biorb owners in the U.S., those 500 won’t last long!!”

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Save over $150 on Biorb Aquariums & Supplies!

August 7th, 2009

This just in, I just visited Everything Biorb’s Blog and apparently they are making an announcement on Monday about a promotion they are doing to save over $150 on biorb products.  What this “special promotion” is I have no idea, hopefully its good though.  I’ll find out on Monday and post about it.

A quote from their blog is below -

“The official, detailed announcement will be made on Monday, so check back Monday morning to find out how you can save over $150 on biorb fish tanks & supplies!” – Biorb Sale

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5% Discount on all Biorb Accessories & Biorb Fish Tanks

June 11th, 2009

Everything Biorb has just created a new special exclusively for Biorb Reviews Readers.  If you have a biorb or biube tank or need biorb accessories & supplies LISTEN UP!  To get 5% off your entire order with use the coupon code below.  You can also see their sales banner on the right side of our blog.  

Coupon Code: ”  BD0609  ”  (is case sensitive, the BD are capitalized, and you can copy and paste it)

Their Website- Everything Biorb

This coupon is only for a limited time, so take advantage of it today, especially because Everything Biorb also has free shipping on orders over $3o.  You can’t go wrong there.

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