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Biube Pure Review

Table of Contents

  1. Biube Pure Review – Summary
  2. The Good – Real User Reviews of the Biube Pure Aquarium (Summary of best points of the aquarium)
  3. The Bad – Real User Reviews of the Biube Pure Fish Tank (Summary of worst points of the aquarium)
  4. Good Reviews – Real customers quotes of the Biube Pure aquarium
  5. Bad Reviews – Real customers quotes of the Biube Pure aquarium
  6. Biube Pure Overview
  7. Biube Pure Aquarium Specs
  8. Detailed Product Description of the Biube Pure Aquarium (directly from the manufacturer)


Biube Pure Review – Summary

In our opinion the Biube Pure is the best Biorb Tank for the price.  It retails around $195, and comes with the Biorb Intelligent LED Light, which means you get the tank for about $90 (if you were already going to buy the Intelligent Light for $105).  $90 bucks for a Biube Pure that looks great as a display tank in any home or office.  Since the Biube is less curved than the Classic Biorb there is less distortion of the fish (which is a good thing) and it holds 9 gallons instead of 8.  You are still limited to the number and types of fish you can put in the aquarium since it is only 9 gallons, but it has more water surface area than classic Bio orb tanks, which is also better for goldfish and betta fish.



  1. The Biube Pure looks great, and has less distortion of the fish than a regular biorb (because of less spherical shape)
  2. It comes with everything you need to start your aquarium except for decorations and fish
  3. The Biube Pure allows for a wider range of fish than the baby biorb
  4. The Biube Pure comes with the intelligent LED light
  5. The Biorb Acrylic is 10x stronger than glass
  6. The service kit filter system is easy to change and clean
  7. The Biube Pure can be used as a saltwater, tropical, or coldwater fish tank
  8. The Biube Pure aquarium doesn’t take long to clean or maintain
  9. The biorb instruction manual includes a detailed how to and FAQ, as well as recommended fish for the fish tank


  1. Since the Biube Pure is only 9 gallons you can’t put as many fish in it as a larger fish tank.
  2. Choice of compatible fish with the Biube Pure is limited due to its size and structure


  1. “I love my Biube Pure!  I spend less than 20 minutes a month cleaning it, and the Intelligent Light makes the tank look amazing!”
  2. At first I wasn’t sure if spending $200 on an aquarium was worth it, but after having it set up for 3 months, my wife and I are both glad we got it.”

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The Biube Pure aquarium holds 9 gallons of water. The Biube Pure offers a good environment for the fish with the multi-stage filtration that keeps the water clean and clear and the easy to change filter cartridges which makes maintenance a breeze. It features a completely clear view of the aquarium and fish through strong acrylic construction.

The Biube Pure comes with a unique advanced slim line Intelligent LED Light that provides an automatic 24 hour lighting cycle, including a natural gradual sunrise, sunset and blue moonlight. This sophisticated lighting system provides a healthier environment for the fish and fascinating night-time viewing for the owner.

Every Biube Pure contains everything you need, just add water and fish. No need to rush out to the store again to pickup something you forgot (we even include the fish food!). Also, biorb’s detailed instructions take you through setting up the aquarium and our dedicated support team and on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Biube Pure Specs

What Comes In the box

  • Biube Pure aquarium
  • Biorb Intelligent LED light
  • Ceramic media
  • 1 Standard freshwater filter cartridge – (biorb service kit)
  • Low-voltage Air Pump
  • 12v Transformer
  • Tap water conditioner and Beneficial Bacteria liquid
  • Printed documentation

Size and weight – Biube Pure Dimensions

  • Height: 18 inches
  • Width: 14.5 inches
  • Depth: 14.5 inches
  • Weight (empty): 14 pounds (1 kg)
  • Weight (full): 84 pounds (31Kg)
  • Volume: 9 Gallons (30L)

Safety Standards

  • Complies with UL, ULC and CE safety requirements.

Coldwater, Tropical, or Saltwater setup

Keep freshwater, tropical or saltwater fish in your biOrb life 30. The biOrb life 30L offers the ultimate flexibility. Out of the box the 8 gallon biOrb life 30 is ideal for coldwater fish such as mountain minnows, or fancy goldfish, add a tropical heater pack and start keeping a wide range of colorful tropical fish such as tetra’s, barb’s or guppies. Alternatively add a heater and the Biorb Marine Conversion Kit and start keeping wonderful marine creatures such as Clownfish and hermit crabs. The choice is ultimately yours and setting up is as easy as possible.

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  1. egger
    March 12th, 2010 at 06:34 | #1

    you still have not told how to change the filter. do u have to move or remove items in the tank every time and pull the filter out or what

  2. March 23rd, 2010 at 08:39 | #2

    You don’t have to remove everything out of the tank, but you will have to take out anything that is on top of the filter so that you can take it out. Basically you hold onto the bubble tube and twist it and it unscrews the filter, then you take it out and attach a new filter and then twist it back onto the bottom of the tank the same way it was removed