Biorb Aquarium Reviews

June 30th, 2009

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This category contains the archives of all of our in depth product reviews for each biorb fish tank model.  If you are interested in a specific Biorb model or design, just click on the appropriate one to read through our detailed reviews.  Each Biorb Aquarium Review will have the following topics within it, specific to the model you are looking at.

  1. Biorb Aquarium Overview (specific to each model)
  2. Biorb Aquarium Specs
  3. Detailed Product Description of the Biorb Aquarium (directly from the manufacturer)
  4. The Good – Real User Reviews of Biorb Aquariums (Summary of best points of the aquarium)
  5. The Bad – Real User Reviews of Biorb Fish Tanks  (Summary of worst points of the aquarium)
  6. Good Reviews – Real customers quotes of the Biorb aquarium
  7. Okay Reviews - Real customers quotes of  Biorb fish tank
  8. Bad Reviews - Real customers quotes of the biorb fish tank

Biorb Fish Tank Reviews:

  1. Baby Biorb Review
  2. Biorb 30 Review (Biorb 8 Gallon)
  3. Biorb 60 Review (Biorb 16 Gallon)
  4. BiUbe Aquarium Review
  5. BiUbe Pure Review
  6. Biorb Life Review
  7. Biorb Life 30 Review
  8. Biorb Life 45 Review
  9. Biorb Life 60 Review
  10. SpyOrb Review
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