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Biorb Service Kit – What Does It Really Do?

June 17th, 2009

If you have a Baby Biorb, Biorb Life, or any of the Bio Orb Aquariums you should be familiar with the biorb service kit.  The Service Kit is the basic filter that is used in all the Biorb Aquariums.  So you’ve used, cleaned, and replaced a biorb service kit, but do you know what the service kit does, or what makes it different from other aquarium filters?  This post highlights the Biorb Service Kit, both its design & functionality, in order to help show why the biorb service kit is special.

Biorb Service Kit Filter Cartridge

Biorb Service Kit Filter Cartridge

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In all the biorb aquariums the mechanical and chemical filtration is housed in the easy-to-change filter cartridge (service kit). This cartridge is replaced when the chemicals are depleted and before the mechanical filter becomes blocked ensuring that the water conditions remain optimal for your fish.

The unique cartridge based filtration system inside all biOrbs and biUbes has been specifically designed to effectively and safely eliminate the organic waste produced by fish and uneaten food, keeping the water clear and the fish healthy. In order to keep water quality high all Biorb/Biube aquariums use five separate stages to optimize the water, meaning less maintenance for you and a healthier environment for your fish. The 5 stages of water optimization consist of biological, mechanical, chemical, water stabilization, and oxygenation.

Mechanical Filtration

The Standard Biorb Service Kit filter cartridge includes a chemically nonreactive mechanical filter that traps particulates, like fish waste and uneaten food, as they pass through. Unlike many aquariums, Reef One’s mechanical filter is separate from the biological filtration allowing the removal and disposal of the filter cartridge, containing the mechanical filter, without affecting the biological filtration. Replacing the mechanical filter housed in the easy to change filter cartridge ensures that the trapped particulates don’t have time to break down and adversely affect the water quality.

Chemical Filtration

The chemical filtration in the filter cartridge is a blend of different resin particles selected to remove toxic substances, other than ammonia and nitrite which is broken down by the biological filtration. Certain organics can discolor aquarium water making it yellow, while also reducing light penetration. The highly effective resins bond with these substances at a molecular level to ensure the aquarium water quality remains high. The chemical filtration is located in the easy to change filter cartridge ensuring that chemical filtration can be removed when depleted (typically every 6-8 weeks).

Biological Filtration

As many of you know one of the most important aspects of a healthy aquarium is biological filtration.  Biological filtration occurs when beneficial bacteria within your aquarium break down harmful fish waste and chemicals, this process takes place after your aquarium has cycled.  In the Biorb Aquariums the biological filtration takes place in the Biorb Ceramic Media.  This means that you can replace the filter, without removing the beneficial bacteria that help to break down fish waste in your aquarium.

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