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BiOrb Marine Conversion Kit

March 1st, 2010

Looking to make your BiOrb or BiUbe Aquarium a saltwater tank, but are worried about maintenance, purchasing costly accessories, or having to devote more time to your aquarium?  With BiOrb’s Marine Conversion Kit turning your freshwater BiOrb or BiUbe aquarium is simple and hassle free.  Marine ecosystems are more delicate than freshwater and require more attention.  However, unlike traditional marine aquariums, a marine BiOrb/BiUbe will require less attention, leaving you more time to enjoy your fish.  Traditionally large marine aquariums include a complicated array of equipment from Power Headers to Protein Skimmers, not to mention the bewildering assortment of chemical additives and adjusters. However, the Marine Conversion Kit allows you to simply change your tropical biOrb or biUbe into a complete Marine aquarium. The Marine Conversion Kit is designed to allow you to effectively keep small marine fish and a variety of other marine creatures such as hermit crabs, shrimps and marine snails. A Marine biOrb is your fascinating enter into the world of marine fishkeeping. The Marine Conversion Kit includes all the items you will need to convert your tropical BiOrb or BiUbe into a marine aquarium, and comes with the following:

Included with Kit:

-4x unique porous modular artificial live rock.

-Premeasured reef salt packs for easy setup.

-Unique marine cartridge – Improve water quality and simplify maintenance.

-2x Medium Easy-plants.

-Calibrated Hydrometer/thermometer.

-Halogen Light Gasket.

-Water level measure – to simplify setup.

-1x bottle of Instant aquarium 2 (Beneficial Bacteria Booster).

-Water conditioners.

-High quality Marine fish pellet food sample pack.

-Step-by-Step setup guide.

-Water Testing Card/Guide

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Biorb Spanish Dancer Sculpture Video

February 10th, 2010

This video shows the Biorb Spanish Dancer Sculpture in a Biorb Life aquarium.  This sculpture slides over the bubble tube and sits on the Biorb Service Kit as a center piece for your Biorb aquarium.  This sculpture was created by award winning British artist Samuel Baker exclusively for Biorb and Biube Aquariums.

The elegant design of the Spanish Dancer Sculpture gives the impression of crashing waves and can be used to create a stunning feature in your Biorb with no effort at all.  The Spanish Dancer fits in almost any and Biorb and Biube Aquarium.

Cleaning the sculpture is simple.  To clean it all you need to do is take it out of your aquarium, rinse it with water and if there is any algae on your sculpture scrub it off with a soft, non abrasive cloth.

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