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Biorb 105 Liter – The Newest, Biggest Biorb

January 24th, 2011
biorb 105

biorb 105 - 28 gallon aquarium

We have heard lots of rumors and seen a few pictures of the new Biorb 105 and wanted to share what we know.   The Biorb 105 is a new tank is about 28 gallons and is 105 liters.  It is currently for sale only in Europe but will hit the U.S. sometime within 2011.  It will have the same biorb service kit filtration as all the other biorb tanks but it does come with a stronger air pump to circulate the water and help with the filtration.

We actually haven’t seen one or tested one out, so we don’t have any information or reviews yet, but you can be sure that when they are available in the U.S. we will test it out and talk to others as well and find out how it runs and if its worth the price. (U.S. prices have not been released yet)

Barrett General Biorb

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