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Biorb Flow Aquarium – The New Pico Tank by Biorb

Reef One recently revealed the Biorb Flow, the newest Biorb aquarium to the Reef One Biorb Aquariums.  In our first opinion it looks great.  It is a 4 gallon tank (15 liters) and is rectangular rather than round.  It resembles the biorb life aquariums more than the traditional globe shaped biorb aquariums.  Like the other Reef One tanks it comes with everything you need to set it up.  We really don’t’ have much information about the tank yet because it isn’t available in the U.S. but when it is we will let everyone know.  If anyone in the UK has experience with it please share it with us by posting comments about it.  In addition, it  works well with the biorb service kit filter system.  It uses the same filters as all the other tanks, so if you have a stash of old filters and want to get this new tank, you can still use your filters.

We also heard rumors the tank should be available in the United States probably around July of this year.

biorb flow aquarium

Biorb Flow

Barrett General Biorb

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