The BiOrb Quick & Dirty Review

June 30th, 2009

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The Biorb Aquarium line gets an A rating from us and most of its owners, and we highly recommend biorb fish tanks as unique aquariums that are fun and easy to maintain. That being said, no aquarium or fish tank is perfect, and that includes the BiOrb. However deep our love for the BiOrb aquariums may be, the BiOrb’s still have limitations and every person who owns, buys, or plans on buying a Biorb or BiUbe should understand the limitations of their aquarium set up in order to keep their aquarium and fish happy, healthy, and looking good.

BIORB FISH TANKS: THE GOOD – Why thousands of people already have a BiOrb Aquarium

  1. Biorb Aquariums have a patented, unique, sleek design and are built well.
  2. Everything you need to set up your aquarium comes with it (except the fish)
  3. The Biorb air pump and filtration is whisper quiet.
  4. The Acrylic is 17 times stronger and 4% clearer than glass.
  5. The Biorb has a 5 stages of filtration that keeps aquarium water crystal clear.
  6. Biorb aquariums have a replaceable cartridge system that provides filtration and simple, clean maintenance.
  7. It is Easy to use, & comes with a comprehensive instruction guide
  8. BiOrb has a full range of easy to use branded accessories and replacement parts
  9. Once setup and filled, the BiOrb filter is barely visible in the bottom of the aquarium, and there is nothing to detract from the 360 degree view of the BiOrb aquarium.


  1. The curve of the Biorb Aquarium sometimes distorts viewing of your fish, which sometimes make it hard to easily find and watch your fish tank. Or makes them look much bigger or smaller than they really are. (this does not apply to the new Biorb Life, which is flat on the front and back)
  2. Since the Biorb (original) is a sphere, it allows for less surface area than a regular square aquarium, which means you can’t put as many fish in it as a regular square fish tank.
  3. The Biorb has a few restrictions on the type of fish you can put in your Biorb. (You shouldn’t put bottom feeders with barbells like cory’s because the rough ceramic media will damage them, and don’t recommend goldfish that get large such as Oranda’s and commond goldfish.)
  4. You can’t use smaller, decorative rocks or pebbles in the Biorb because it will get caught in the filter.(Biorb Ceramic Media is smallest size recommended)
  5. Due to the large size of the ceramic media any extra food not eaten by your fish falls between the rocks and sits at the bottom of the aquarium (which is why it is important to use the Biorb Siphon Hose to siphon fish waste from the bottom of the fish tank)


No aquarium is perfect for every type of fish or setup, and that includes the Biorb. There is no aquarium that is completely maintenance free, every aquarium will require partial water and filter changes. However, this maintenance only takes 15-20 minutes a month, if done regularly. The majority of the drawbacks of the Biorb Fish Tank have either been solved by the new Biorb Life Aquariums, or they can be eliminated through good fish selection and reading the Biorb Manual carefully, as well as understanding basic principles of aquarium and fish care. If you are considering purchasing a Biorb you will do well to understand both the positives and negatives of the Biorb, and how to eliminate the negatives by setting up your fish tank appropriately.

BIORB REVIEW – SUMMARY OF THE SUMMARY…(For those who really don’t like reading:)

If you understand any limitations of the Biorb, which fish are compatible with your Biorb, and how to properly clean and maintain your Biorb, then the Biorb is an excellent fish tank for you, and will look great in your home, office, or on a table or stand. (I have heard that over 1 million Biorb’s have sold world-wide, that should demonstrate their quality design and customer satisfaction)

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