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January 19th, 2009

BiorbReviews.org – Our Review process

You may be wondering where our reviews and information come from, and rightly so.  Besides the experience we have gained over the last couple of years with Biorb Aquariums we have scoured the internet looking for the best information about the biorb aquariums, accessories, and products.  We have read through countless user reviews to find the highest praised and most frequently complained about items about the Biorb Aquariums and accessories and summarize them into good, okay, and bad review summaries.  In addition to these summaries we have also included some of the most helpful reviews that customers have given throughout the internet.  That way, you don’t have to search dozens of websites to find the research information you are looking for, and it saves you time.  If you have a review you would like to submit, send us an email at info@biorbreviews.org, or contact us through our contact form.

Biorb Reviews – Our Biorb Experience & History

When we first saw the Biorb in 2007 and we were immediately enamored by its spherical design and elegant marketing.  The unique globe shape of the BiOrb, along with its patented filter system and design make it (in our opinion) the best looking, all in one aquarium kit for tables and desktops.  Since then we at BiorbReviews.org have had multiple Biorb Aquariums.  Below is the experience of Clark, in his own words.

May 2007

When I first saw the Biorb Aquariums in May of 2007 I knew I had to have one for my office.  I already had a 46 gallon bowfront glass aquarium at my home, and knew the smaller Baby Biorb would fit perfectly on my desk and help to give me a break from my stressful work days.  So I looked online and bought a Black Baby Biorb from Seven Seas Aquariums.

I followed the instructions and set up my aquarium and waited a while to put fish into the tank so that it would cycle.  After my tank had been set up for a little while I got one freshwater puffer and put it in the tank, after a week or two I got another puffer and eventually I had three freshwater puffers in the my baby biorb fish tank, a plastic skull decoration, biorb ceramic media, and a blue biorb plant pack.

I kept that setup for about a year and then decided I wanted something bigger than the Baby Biorb for my puffers because they were starting to get bigger.  So I transferred them to a 30 gallon bowfront and put that in my office.  They loved the extra space, the Baby Biorb was getting a little too cramped.  Besides that, there were a couple things I didn’t like about the Baby Biorb, mainly that the curve of the Biorb Sphere distorts the fish so it was sometimes hard to see them and watch them.  For more information about the positives and negatives of Biorb Aquariums see our Quick & Dirty Biorb Review.  So my Baby Biorb went into storage for a while.

About the same time I was looking online at Seven Seas Aquariums and noticed that Biorb was coming out with a new line of Biorb Aquariums.  The Biorb Life Fish Tanks, and dang, they looked hot…if a fish tank can be hot.  One thing I really liked about them was that they had a flat front and back, so the viewing of the fish won’t get distorted like it does in the regular Biorb Fish Tanks.  That, and it comes in 3 colors, piano black, chili red, and pearl white.  The Biorb Life tank, or Life Orb comes with the intelligent LED light, which is awesome.  After I saw the Life tanks I started saving my pennies because the Life tanks are quite a bit pricier than the regular Biorb tanks.  (but the Intelligent LED light costs over $100 by itself)  Anyways… as I was saying, I began lusting after the Biorb Life Aquarium.  And as of yet I still don’t have one… but hopefully soon I will get one.

Baby Biorb Back in Commission

I also found something to do with my Baby Biorb.  I gave it to my 8 year old nephew to put his goldfish in it and he loves it, his goldfish have been healthy for over 6 months.  He also put the Biorb Grass Ring in it, which hides the Biorb bubble tube and actually looks pretty cool.

And I’m still hankering for that Biorb Life.

- Clark

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