Where to Buy Biorb Stuff

Throughout this blog you will probably find a lot of links to our favorite Biorb Aquarium websites.  Since 2007 we at BiorbReviews.org have had a lot of opportunities to buy biorb accessories and parts from a lot of places and by far our favorite online store that carries Biorb Fish Tanks and Biorb Accessories like filters and decorations, is Everything Biorb.


  1. Everything Biorb

Why We Like This Website

  1. The best information & support about biorb products on the internet.  They have detailed information on biorb products and accessories to help customers make better decisions, including video’s, articles, & tutorials & how to’s.
  2. They  are secure, reputable website, and company.  They also use Paypal for all credit card transactions which means they don’t keep any of your secure data or credit card information.
  3. Their prices are very competitive.
  4. Their customer service is excellent. – Once we ordered and it took longer than usual for us to get the item, and when we talked to them they gave us a free service kit, we didn’t even have to ask.
  5. They carry every Biorb Aquarium and Biorb Accessory that you will ever need, and if they don’t have something they will special order it for you.
  6. They often have specials and promotions on Biorb Accessories that make their prices even better.
  7. Their website is easy to navigate, purchase, check the status of orders, and contains the best information of any Biorb website we have found.
  8. It is easy to find shipping rates & times, and you can get instant shipping quotes without going through the checkout process.
  1. al voelker
    October 10th, 2010 at 12:41 | #1

    looking where to buy biord plastic scratch remover polish,, my zip 01267,located in ma..please reply asap

  2. October 18th, 2010 at 16:10 | #2

    We aren’t sure where you can get it locally, but our recommended source for biorb supplies and accessories is Everything Biorb – http://www.everythingbiorb.com