Why a BiOrb?

January 9th, 2009

The Biorb Aquariums have been one of the most popular aquarium kits throughout the world since 1999.  Since then over 1/2 million have been sold in the U.K. alone, and estimates are much higher than that for world sales.  All of these sales show that the Biorb’s stylish design and user & fish friendly maintenance is top notch.  

Reef One aquariums have everything you’re looking for in an aquarium. Technology and style come together in this amazingly clear, desire-evoking, all-in-one solution.  With Biorb Aquariums your home will be brightened by the unique style and compact design. Gone are the days of having lots of cables running across the room to power all the different parts of the aquarium; Reef One aquariums keep everything clean and clear.

The unique filter cartridge system included in all Reef One aquariums ensures that maintenance is as simple as possible.

When performing routine maintenance the cartridge is quickly and easily removed by twisting the bubble tube and lifting the cartridge out of the water, you don’t even need to get your hands wet. The cartridge, containing the waste and depleted chemicals, can then be simply replaced, just like throwing out the trash.

The filter cartridge system means you don’t have to buy additives, chemicals and adjusters to keep the water quality high, everything required is already included in the filter cartridge. The chemicals included in the filter cartridge have been carefully developed to be the correct quantities for the biOrb range of aquariums


Biorb Aquariums have been featured on multiple t.v. shows and movies and have a large celebrity fan base.  Below is a list of some celebrity’s who own BiOrb Aquariums.

Jon Stewart – Amy Carlson – Jessica Alba – Uma Thurman – Gwyneth Paltrow – Raven – Sarah Jessica Parker – Andy Dick – Pamela Anderson – Chris North – Eva Mendes – Jermaine Dupri -James Gandolfini – Ashton Kutcher -Rob Schneider – Ashlee Simpson – Janet Jackson –
Ryan Seacrest – Mariah Carey – Amanda Bynes – Richard Belzer – Bam Margera – Jim Carrey – Anna Kournikova – Hulk Hogan – Chingy – The Gotti Brothers – Live Schrieber – Randy Jackson – Regina King – Nicole Kidman – Gwen Stefani – Mos Def – David Spade – Paris Hilton – Shawn & Marlon Wayans – Carson Daly – Ralph Fiennes – Ivanka Trump – Sandra Bullock – Chris Martin (Coldplay) – Felicity Huffman – Rosario Dawson – Eva Longoria – William H. Macy – Mathew Broderick – Peter Saarsgard – Mos Def – Howard Stern – Kate Bosworth -Scarlett Johansson – Richard Belzer – Shannon Elizabeth – Jon Heder – Halle Berry – JoJo

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